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Decolorization and Ion Exchange System
Shandong Star Group annual raw sugar processing 1 million tons in the country's raw sugar processing enterprises ranked second, the Ministry of Commerce as a national reserve sugar processing enterprises. In order to highlight the tight encirclement, Shandong Star from the sugar process to start, more cost-effective research and development of sugar decolorization of the technology, after many considerations, the final decision with my cooperation.

Color value is the most important in sugar quality control, therefore, sugar decolorization is a key link in the process of sugar. Due to the wide variety of pigment ingredients, and after the sugar production process, the pigment composition will be more complex, which will contain phenolic and iron complexes, black, caramel, melanin and so on. In order to remove the pigment and put into the cost of sugar production costs accounted for a large proportion.

Wright Ryder combined with the previous cooperation with the sugar companies and the company's advanced technology, designed a set of efficient and environmentally friendly sugar decolorization system. The system has two major technological innovations. First, the use of double-chamber floating bed as a ion exchange generator to solve the conventional single separation column diameter is too large diameter is not ideal shortcomings, effective control of pigment pressure distribution, and the cycle of large amount of processing, decolorization can reach 80%. "The application of the technology manufacturers in the country will not exceed double digits," Delan Meile's staff confidently said.

Another initiative is the brine decolorization system is equipped with a special filter + film combination of brine recovery system, the waste brine can be 100% of the pigment removed, divalent ions 98% removal, NaCl recovery rate of up to 80%. Effective realization of the rational use of resources, zero emissions.

At present, China's sugar industry out of the doldrums still long way to go, every sugar companies should assume their own responsibility, Delan Meile will also continue to upgrade their technical standards for the development of China's sugar industry into the driving force.



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